Consult A Doctor Online


Book Appointments

  • Search, hire or consult medical specialist
  • Book online appointment for telehealth consultation
  • Schedule an in-office consultation appointment
  • Book online medical lab and scan test
  • Getting treated faster and cheaper
  • Manage schedule with your physician anywhere & anytime
  • Favorite lists for labs, pharmaceutical store, and medications
  • Prescribing notification alerts & interaction checking
  • Patient education and health advice
  • Order electronic lab & imaging test online
  • Stay connected with your doctor during an exam
  • Vital sign synchronization via third party application/medical devices
  • Connect with people that matter to your well-being
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Manage ICD-10 Ready EHR


Electronic Health Records

  • Get free access to your secured EHR
  • View your medical history on secured server
  • Order electronic prescription medicine online & get it delivered to you
  • Importing of vitals via third party diagnoses/phone app
  • View connections, such as clinics, lab/imaging centers,...
  • Request for lab test, order & track your result
  • Get expose to patient education and health advice
  • View electronic prescribing notification alerts & interaction checking
  • Access immunization injection documentation and schedule
  • Schedule in-office visit with your physician online to avoid any unnecessary delay in clinic
  • Hire medical specialist to attend to your family members and track all the transaction online
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Meaningful Use Dashboard


Meaningful Use Practice

  • Full control over your personal health record
  • Access comprehensive patient data and send lab result into EHR
  • Send clinical summary to providers and patient and also receive health alerts
  • Quality health reporting, patient PHR access and ePrescribing refills
  • Improve quality of patient care and immunization information
  • Get paid for all services in your local currency with easy & flexible payment system
  • Medical billing & insurance easy tracking system
  • No monthly fee, no hidden cost, no re-billing charges, all services are available for free
  • Free health emergency report template and control over who to receive the emergency notice
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Manage Patients from anywhere online

  • Standard medication dosing auto-selections
  • Our built-in messaging allows you to securely communicate with your biller, patients and employees.
  • Send e-prescription to patient and pharmaceutical store
  • Do what you know how to do best and let's take care of the rest for you
  • Medslat EHR allows easy access to the patient information, chart with diagnoses, medications, allergies, and problem lists.
  • Enjoy flexible, tap and swipe, pick lists, templates, and telehealth support.

Complete Patient Management System

Hire Medicare Services
Patient Management System
Order E-Lab Test

Setup online pharm store for free

  • Manage your online store inventory
  • Grow your sales and coverage area
  • Hire Pharmacist remotely to manage your store
  • Track real time sales progression for better customer support
  • Get Customer referred to your online store

Cloud-based hospital practice

  • Medslat make it easier for every practitioner to run their solo medical practice with easy-to-use, cloud-based EHR, patient management and medical billing system that streamlines the way their clinic works.
  • Get patients referred to your clinic
  • Medslat practice management solution streamline everything, from messaging to scheduling to reporting.

Get your med lab online

  • Use EHR to run paperless medical lab & imaging center
  • Grow your network and connection via medslat platform
  • Attract more payers via online Lab Test Orders
  • Send lab test result to physician via secure server connection


Medslat... Privilege to meet with doctors of different specialty under one roof, how amazing.

Dr Okpara Victor, Optometry O.D 2007, Nigeria

What a wonderful experience to have complete control over my health record, I can't wait for the full features

Buchi Thomas, Nigeria

Hurry!!! Waiting to see MEDSLAT online. Can't wait to see you at the top. Congratulations!!!

Dr Ogbakpah Tekevwe, Nigeria